Get Clarity On Your Marketing

Your 360° Genius Perception Guide


The Magic Marketing Mirror is a collaboration between three marketers: Aveline Clarke, Remeny Armitage and Rob Drummond. 

We've worked together since 2021 as core team members of Aveline's '6 Star Leaders' community. We realised we provide our clients with clarity on complementary parts of the marketing puzzle.

Marketing yourself as an expert is hard. You need clarity on:

  • Your own unique genius (Aveline's area)
  • The way you're perceived in the marketplace (Remeny's area)
  • Your best stories to communicate your genius to potential clients (Rob's area)

Your clients need your business to be successful. Your marketplace needs your unique method, outlook and approach. The world needs your genius. Your work leaves the world a slightly better place.

We created the Magic Marketing Mirror to unblock your marketing and clear the path ahead. Work with three sharp marketing minds and set solid foundations for success.

Aveline Clarke

Aveline is the founder of Journey Point and host of the 6 Star Leaders podcast. Ave's genius is... uncovering your genius! She's based in Queensland, Australia.

Remeny Armitage

Remeny is the founder of Brilliant and Human. Remeny's genius is converting your customers into advocates. She's based in Buckinghamshire, UK

Remeny Armitage

Rob is the founder of the Story Selling Lab. His genius is understanding which of your stories to tell, and in what places. He's based in Sheffield, UK.